Zemgus! Girgensons!

Late last night, a video for a hip hop song about Zemgus Girgensons hit the Internet like a Latvian locomotive.

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On the afternoon of January 7, 2014, as Western New York was being pummeled by a blizzard, the NHL postponed the Buffalo Sabres game against the Carolina Hurricanes scheduled for that evening. The NHL Department Of Fan Safety took to Twitter to explain the decision.

Meanwhile, the Sabres Mobile App seemed to think it was business as usual.

Then, with one tweet, #SabresSleepover was born.

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Another Interview With @CoachQsMustache

Coach Q - Stadium SeriesChicago Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville‘s list of accomplishments include multiple Stanley Cups and a Jack Adams Award, but the one I imagine he’s most proud of is his mustache’s Twitter, @CoachQsMustache. I spoke with the ‘stache in the beginning of 2012 prior to the ‘Hawks handily dispatching the Sabres during a particularly bleak road trip. You can read that interview here and the aftermath here. The Blackhawks come to the First Niagara Center Sunday night so I decided to catch up with my fuzzy friend via email.
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Meet Sabres Eeyore.

There hasn’t been much to be happy about this season, so I guess it was only a matter of time. After the soul crusher that was Monday evening’s Sabres-Penguins game and the first period of the Alexander Ovechkin Show on Tuesday, a donkey was sighted in the First Niagara Center.

And not just any donkey.

Sabres Eeyore, via @zmangus14 on Instagram.

Sabres Eeyore, via @zmangus14 on Instagram.

Alan Alexander Milne‘s sad sack burro, Eeyore, was at the Sabres game, and it’s a good thing because I would have spent the whole night posting pictures of chickens in or near ovens on Twitter.
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Ladies And Gentlemen, Your Head Coach Of The Buffalo Sabres…

Ask and ye shall receive.

Ron Rolston's Zipper


Thomas Vanek is gone. Matt Moulson is a Buffalo Sabre. If you can’t wait for his debut, you’re in luck. I stayed up past my bedtime to consult the magic 8-ball that is NHL 14 to see how his first game would go.

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Claude Julien, Lovecraftian Nightmare

Obviously, Boston Bruins head coach Claude Julien has forged an unholy alliance with the Deep Ones in an attempt to ensure the success of his hockey team. The unfortuante side effect is that he is turning into a half-man, half-frog hybrid straight out of H.P. Lovecraft‘s “The Shadow Over Innsmouth.” Don’t believe me? Take a look.

Comparison pic by @Follow_Buffalo.

Comparison pic by @Follow_Buffalo.

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The Sabres Dance

If there’s anything to be learned from the 1984 Kevin Bacon classic Footloose, it’s that you can’t stop the kids from dancing. An atrocious 1-7-1 record to start the season wasn’t enough to keep hips from swinging and toes from tapping at the FNC this afternoon.

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Phil Kessel, You Blockhead!

Phil Kessel Blockhead

Sped Up Sped Up Shootout

First, the Buffalo Sabres posted this.

13 minutes!?!? No thanks.

Then, the Toronto Maple Leafs posted this.

They managed to shave off 9 minutes, but we can do better.

I give you the Sped Up Sped Up Shootout video. You’re only going to need 2 minutes to watch this bad boy.

I just saved you 11 minutes. Unless you watched all three videos, in which case you wasted about 20. Sorry about that.