The Best Christmas Lights Display EVER!

Yes, better than Clark Griswold’s. Better than those guys in Deck The Halls. No, you can’t see it from space. At least, I don’t think so. That doesn’t matter. Just watch this, but be prepared to pick your jaw up off the floor at the conclusion.

@billmaxpowers is the man who put this together. I suggest you hop on the old Twitter and let him know what you think of it.

Happy Holidays, Sabres fans! You’re welcome.

UPDATE: The video was played at the Sabres-Rangers game at First Niagara Center on Saturday, December 10, 2011. @billmaxpowers has posted a pic and this tweet, “I’m just blown away that this happened. Crazy.”

UPDATE 2: You thought it was awesome on YouTube? BuffaloDotCom has the address! Now you can drive by and see this masterpiece!